The Drawing Contest

Drawing is not my forte. I guess I don’t have any special skills so to speak. A mediocre in anything, I always admire artists. When I was asked to attend to the small kids in the Church last week, I don’t know what to do with them. They were so loud that at some point they interfered with the Thanksgiving Service.

I asked them what they wanted  to do. Draw, draw, they said. I have Andy the five-year-old, Cocoy, the six-year-old and Jacob, the seven-year old. Thanksgiving Service was  very long in fact it lasted 9:30 the next morning and so I asked the three little ones to draw as much as you can. “The more you draw, the more chances of winning”, I told them.

Andy, a very witty child, chided me. “Sis Celine, this drawing contest is not about winning, this is about having fun”. That wisdom put  me in the right perspective!

I remember when I first saw this child, she was about two, the Locale was in Hagerstown, Maryland  about a hundred miles  from where the Locale is right now. She was running and walking all around the place and the thing she enjoyed most was to climbed the long stairs to the second floor. I was asked to attend to her at one time and at one point I could not cope up with her running and jumping and climbing the stairs! How time flies. Today a very talented child, she could sing the Church hymns much better than us members of the Choir!

Cocoy with the silky skin thanks to his Mom, is also very intelligent. At one point during the break, I asked questions relating to the bible phrases and stories.  The story was about heaven. “Do you think heaven is bigger than God?” I asked.  Cocoy answered, No,because God created heaven, so God is bigger than heaven!  I was amazed how these little one acquired such wisdom.

Jacob, the “naughty” one. Actually  Jacob is fine and also very talented. Such talent  from Mom and Dad. During the KNC aralan, he is the smallest before Cocoy and Andy joined them, Jacob can answer straight forward ahead of the elder KNC while playing with his toy.Jacob who can be loving and naughty at the same time is also very intelligent. He can outwit you if you are not careful. At one time when asked what is the meaning of  divorce, he replied, “When Mom and Dad fight”.

Here are the winning pieces in their respective categories:

Under the category of Perseverance, Andy got my approval. This is the image of the girl who persevered to push the gold coin although her arms are starting to ache. Entitled ” THE HEAVY GOLD COIN”, Andy inserted  the  caption, “this is so hevy, my arms are getting tired”, this from a 5-year-old! Congratulations to you Andy.

.  This drawing is telling us how Christians should remain steadfast in times of hardships for we know there is a reward waiting in the end. ! WINNER UNDER THE CATEGORY OF PERSEVERANCE!…

Under the category of Salvation, Cocoy got an A from me. Said he, ” this sail boat sails smoothly in the rough sea.”  I chose this from among his other drawings because  I am reminded of Noah and his Ark. Just exactly how the Ark of Noah was. We knew that the Ark was not meant to sail but to hold Noah’s family and their animals from the deluge, yet the Ark remained afloat towards the forty days and night rain with out stop. WINNER UNDER THE CATEGORY OF SALVATION. Congratulations Cocoy!

 Jacob drew something sunny and happy, just exactly how  he feels around him, I guess. He drew this picture entitled “Grass Land”. Jacob told me that the whole landscape is full of grass and the people around are happy. The sun to the left and the clouds to the right, this drawing reminds me of the story in the bible. In the history of creation God said, Let there be light, and there was light. Again God said, let the earth bring forth grass, and it was so. And God created Adam and Eve. And in the beginning, Adam and Eve were just happy having each other with the sun and the clouds above them and the grass around them until Satan came. WINNER UNDER THE CATEGORY OF CREATION!

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  1. Hurray for taking on the kids during service…you’re a brave one 🙂 These kids know their stuff…perseverance is a virtue most adults don’t get…Have a blessed New Year Jocelyn, good to hear from you again 🙂

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