Post # 283 If you found $1000

This morning I had a chat with my daughter Melissa through Facebook. She was asking if I could send her an  iphone4. I checked the Google and it runs between 200 to 400 dollars.  When Steve Jobs died of cancer the world mourned  for him. I was kind of distant because I am not really familiar with Jobs much more his creations. I am a Dell fan. I am more familiar with Microsoft. More so, I have none of Jobs creations until now. And I really thank God, I don’t have his cancer too. No offense intended though.

Melissa is a precious child. She was diagnosed of diaphragmatic hernia when she was 2 years old. She was operated immediately. Three years ago she was infected of dengue virus. Again she needed hospitalization. She is a normal lady today at the age of 23. Thanks be to God.

So when my daughter asked for an iphone, I smiled. I told her maybe in the near future. I don’t mind that my daughter does not have an iphone. She is okay with her Dell computer right now. Same with my son, Martin. Deep in my heart I would like them to have one. So, if I found $1,000 today, I will buy my daughter Melissa and my son Martin an iphone.


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