Describe the perfect sandwich

What is a perfect sandwich? I am not a sandwich eater. How can I come up with the idea of making an elaborate sandwich that can come up to $5,000? When I saw the cost to make a sandwich can run up to $5,000 I was shocked. For us Filipinos, we are rice eaters. It took me five years to adapt to the culture of the western countries such as sandwich as a meal. In the Philippines $5,000 dollars could buy you a little house with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and a small living room.

At the cost of $5,000, the sandwich could feed a whole” barangay”. A barangay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward, according to Wikipedia.  My father was once a head of a barangay. I was a small kid then and I have never seen the happiness in my father’s eyes as he talked to the people about our community.  He loved so much being the head of our barangay that he lost control of our small chicken farm that I loved so much. Instamatic cameras were not popular in those days. I wish I have the picture of our chicken farm. We had chicken layers and the chicken laid eggs and business was good. But my father who loved the politics more than the chicken farm somehow lost focus and we ended losing the farm and my father losing the election.

My father is 84 years old now. He somehow got a new  farm, no more chicken though, when he retired from the company he worked for at the age of 55 and bought a farm to continue his life.

Back to the topic. If you ask me to describe a perfect sandwich, I am at a loss. Just ask me how to describe what I love, I have written it for you.


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  1. Looks Yummy:)

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