what it takes to host the 3rd quarter Thanksgiving

In my blog,  the summers of my life (https://jocelyn53.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/the-summers-of-my-life), I wrote these  lines, “While in the Church, I am not anymore aware of what the season is. Be it snow so deep and wind so strong in the winter, the heat of the sun in the summer time, the coolness of the surroundings in the fall or the beauty of the flowers blooming in the spring, I am in the Locale with my brethren.”

Today, we did it again. This coming Thursday is the start of our 3rd quarter Thanksgiving of All Members  in the Church. On this  occasion, we usually go to New York or Chicago, our two big venues to host this big event in the Church. It was always exciting because the fun started  while we travel on the road.

The last time we went to Chicago I took part in the driving. I will not forget how difficult it was to drive at 2 am after four days without sleep along the I-86 Pennsylvania.

This quarter, we will celebrate our thanksgiving to God right here in Maryland. We planned, we pencil pushed how much it will cost, we made a view calculation how to contain around 15 cars/vans/SUV at the backyard which serves several purposes. On the front section, the  parking lot , next is the vegetable garden of Brother Andy and Brother Tony, towards the end is the Gazebo. The Gazebo is the venue for our finale on Sunday, “The Brunch” –  kabobs of fish and vegetables.

We were so busy putting fresh paint inside the Locale. Brother Tony can be seen in the kitchen brushing as if his life depended on the outcome.

Our new recruit, Chef, the newly admitted nurse at The Holy Cross Hospital along I-495 Wheaton, Maryland working  side by side with Sis Betty, our “cute’ teacher from Virginia.

And the “mayor doma” the one and only Sis Eva, transacting business with our engineer turned “jack of all trade” Brother Giovanni. By the way Sis Eva is a very able teacher for kids with special needs.

In here is Sis Betty again, isn’t she very dedicated to her work? strikes  a pose with Sis Christine. Sis Christine is an accountant.

This is the picture I liked most. Brother G and Brother Andy, are doing the  last minute brain storming for the coming of the brethren from Virginia Beach who will celebrate with us – Thanksgiving of All Members.

My only regret is, I was not able to get  pictures  of the other brethren including the KNC  who also helped in the “clean up drive”/painting – brushing, and other odds and ends chores   that never end in our locale – THE LOCALE OF MARYLAND.


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