My breakfast of croissant and coffee

It is Saturday morning. It is one of two Saturdays in a month when we hold our Thanksgiving Service in the Church. I like this schedule because, I have at least slept longer unlike Fridays, as the weekender,  everyone is just in a hurry and things have  to be done all in one day. I think you know what I mean.

I woke up at 4:30 am. Isn’t it nice and healthy? Early morning riser today. I waited for the alarm to sound at 5 and then I drank my four glasses of water. Actually the actual measurement is 160 ml x 4 = 640 ml. I drank two Deer Park bottled water and I googled the ml  measurement. It  is equivalent to 473 ml x2 bottles and I have attained the four glasses of water. These statistics I took from the link “Drink Water on Empty Stomach”. You can find it in my FB Profile Page today. Very informative on healthy living.

In my childhood, I did not get to eat real good bread. I love bread (pandesal with dairy creme bought from the neighborhood bakery.) It was so expensive to buy croissant then, and the image of the pastry lingered  in my mind for a long time. When I was able to  afford to buy it, I did not  crave for it anymore. Maybe this is life. When you have none, you want them all. When you have them all, they do not have any value at all.

Anyway, I bought a box of croissant the other day. I do not do this as a normal day living. It has approximately 117 calories per one serving and just this morning I had two. I had one last night to go with my dinner. There are still three remaining in the box. Not a good idea to buy a box of croissant!

I like the buttery taste of croissant to go with my coffee. Now, I remember my coffee. It has in  itself a creamer too. Good to the taste. I am sure my coffee is getting cold by now.

I advise you not to buy a box of croissant. One piece  will do. And it is fresh this way and you don’t have to hurry to eat them if you don’t want them to stale.



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