how obese the american kids are..

Towards the last 30-minute of the one hour and a half of Mary’s soccer practice, the rain started to fall. The field was shared by three teams, the five year old-boys, the five year old-girls  and the team of Mary who are in the 10-year old- girls.

I was a little embarrassed because the five year olds were playing  in the field under the rain while I was inside the warmth of the car taking refuge from the rain.

These kids braved the rain just to continue the game. They  are very healthy kids. Take the case of Mary. Mary has soccer practice on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and game on Saturdays. In between she has swimming. On Tuesdays, she has running early morning at 7 before the school starts. And Mary is only 10 years old. Grammy told me one time that the younger you start your routine exercise, the more you grow capillaries in your body. “What about it Grammy?”, I asked her. Well, “in case of blood clot, the more capillaries you have the lesser the incidence of stroke because, there are still other “paths” for the blood to flow.” Grammy is 84 years old, a good nurse in her fruitful years.

I believed her. Why then there plenty of  obese children in America. America is a land not only of the free but of the bountiful food too. Food is very cheap. The sad thing is, it  is made cheaper more  by some enterprising people who produced and manufactured  food in mass production using chemicals for longer shelf life, alter the natural state of the food to produce them cheaper, hence cheaper  to buy.

With the abundance of food around, without exercise, these  kids will grow to be obese.  Eat but move around, run, walk, do anything except sitting.

With proper guidance and training, there is still a chance for the American kids to stay healthy.


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