the weather today

the quaint old house of Grammy matched only with the car alongside, my ever loyal service car

I just woke up and I made a breakfast of fried egg (I seldom do this), toasted  my bread and made some coffee. As I opened my green curtain that will show me how the world is going on outside, I can see  the sun shining bright. Before I picked my clothes for the day, today I have class in English 109, Writing for Technology and Business in Montgomery College – Germantown at 10 am, I checked on the weather. Here in the US, unless it is summertime, weather can be deceiving. Yesterday, I got out of the house at 10 am, the sun was bright and  the temperature was in  the “80’s. By night time around 7, it was so cold, that I need to borrow a jacket in that “other” house. The “other” house is where I live before. I only go there in the daytime.

I am almost surprise that my weather page is telling me that  the weather right  now is in the 47’s F. It will go ad high as 60’F later, still it is quite cold.

Time to unfold and hang the jackets and the turtle necks and the long sleeves and so on…

What am I doing,  I should be doing my project due on the 21st. Proposal for a Business Project. I am done with  this thing in the past. I will go to my class, listen to my professor, sneak a look at the papers already prepared by some students, and will do mine this weekend. Isn’t life beautiful?

Time to get dressed. It is 9:06 am.

Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift!


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