the many usage of a burger king cup

In the basement of Grammy’s house is where I live. I have two single beds side by side, a set of drawers one is shorter than the other, an all covered  heirloom sofa of Grammy’s from her mother who was born in the 18th hundred for Grammy is 84 years old now, a rounded hamper full of canned goods for those  times when you just want to eat something or anything; while   the refrigerator in the kitchen  is going to  explode one of these days because  of  its heavy load.

Since I do not know how to estimate the area of the room in terms of square foot, my math is worse you know, I will just give you an idea. It is almost the same as the area where we attend our Church services here in Maryland. The rest of the area of the basement is for some other purpose, not mine.  Quite big for  one person, but there are just the two of us here in the  yellow little cottage of Grammy. She lives in the first floor, I live in the basement. Very private. I love it.

The burger king cup, medium size,  was of full of coca-cola when I ordered for the number 1 menu of Burger King  a long time ago. Was it number 1? I can’t remember anymore.

Right now the bk cup is still doing its job. In my bathroom, I used it  to scope and pour water   all over my body. When I first transferred  here,  the old shower was broken. Or so we thought.  So, Grammy and I went shopping for a new shower. I installed the thing myself. I twisted and turned left and right, but until now there is no water coming from the new  shower. I resigned to use the old fashioned way;  I discovered that  the old bk cup  is still part of my “treasure”; and what a better way than to use to clean my body.

As I poured water in my body, things of the past of the same nature came to my mind. In my childhood time, shower was unheard of. You will clean yourself with one pail of water. That’s it. One pail could be equivalent to three gallons. I carefully managed my portion of water using the equivalent bk cup, I poured the water from head to toe, so when the last gallon was gone I have cleaned my whole  body.

My bathroom right now is different from the thing of the past, except for the medium size bk cup, which I compare  to my life today.

My life is like the bk medium size cup. Old, worn, yet usable. I want to use my life, my God given talent if I have one, to write of things very dear to my heart. Those things that were hidden to some, but to  the very elect,  were made clear by God. How I wish I could write them all.  Some were hidden to me, which I fully accept. In my human capacity, I cannot comprehend them all.

And write,  I will. No matter what. In times of distress, I will continue, God willing. So help me God!


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