Monthly Archives: August, 2011

Break from studying, time for fun….

The international students of Montgomery College – Rockville, got together for a study break and to build camaraderie at an event called “ Break from Studying – Time for Some Fun.”  last Friday, April 29, 2011  in Derwood, MD. The International Students Connection, a group  of American and international students aims to help the students …

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I am alone

It has been a while since I write. I was  not schooled to write but to count and to account. The latter ran out of me, the former stays until today. My professor in Speech in the Fall of 2011  in Montgomery College, Rockville, MD., USA, said that he has opted to learn English than …

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The Story of the Bramble Tree (Dawag) and Willy Santiago

Once upon a time there was an election held among the trees in the forest. The position was to “guard” the other trees. The olive tree, the grape tree, and the fig tree were offered the prestigious  position but declined. They are  comfortable as they are. The bramble tree did not hesitate to say yes …

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