My beautiful son, Martin

Martin was born 26 years ago this July 24. He is my first and very special to me. I gave birth to him in Medical City Hospital, Pasig City.

He was so beautiful when I first saw him in the Nursery Room. He was small at birth compared to Melissa, yet he grew to be a bouncy boy as the months passed.

As he grew, my career rose too. He has the best that we can offer him.

As I crossed milestone upon milestone in my life, Mart was always with me. When I first drove my first car, he was my support. It was summer time, and normally in the summer, he and Melissa came with me to the office everyday. They will bring their books and coloring books and spent the day with me in my office. That afternoon, my driver and instructor at the same time, did not come or late to come. We thought he will not come at all , and so, I asked Martin if he is comfortable that I drive the car going home. It was my third day of practice and the roads in the Philippines were too far different from the roads here in the US.

In the Philippines, a four lane road has six cars running at the same time. The traffic was so heavy that the distance of 36 kilometers from the Office in Ayala Avenue to San Pedro Laguna which will take you 30 minutes to drive without traffic will take two to three hours in the rush hour which is from 7 to 10 am and 4 to 7 pm .

At 6 pm, Mart and I decided to go. While I was climbing the Magallanes Exchange Bridge to enter South Express Way, big buses were beside me. In the Philippines, the seat belt was not imposed strictly during that time. Martin was standing behind the driver’s seat. He was around four years old then, and I felt the body of Martin got closer to my shoulder as the big bus was trying to get a portion of my lane.

We reached the house after two hours, I was very exhausted.

As the years passed, he was always with me. In my trying times, he stayed by me.

When I was hospitalized for vertigo, Martin stayed with me at the Makati Medical Center. His father once said, that if I am sick, for sure Martin will get sick too.

When Melissa was operated for diaphragmatic hernia, Martin was absent for a week to stay with his sister in the hospital.

While driving back from Baguio City, I was running the Concepcion Road, the detour road used after the Pampanga road was covered with lahar when Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991; I was driving my new Honda then, and the bus coming towards us kind of swerved towards his left lane, taking a portion of my lane as the bus approached our car.

I was surprised because the driver was running a straight line, and all of a sudden, he swerved the bus towards my lane when I was approaching. Instinctively, I swerved to the right, too far because the right tires dropped to the dirt road.

In my fear that I may step on the sharp stones, I immediately swerved the car to the left at 80 km/hr, and the Honda went too far to my left. The uneven road from the dirt road to the main road, the car made a sudden leap that we were thrown too far to the left. Had there been an on coming car, we could have smashed at each other.

It took just a few seconds, but I saw a paled face when I got a glimpse of myself in my rear view mirror. I saw Martin and Melissa at the back seat softly sleeping. They did not even know what happened in that few seconds.

As the years passed, he was kind of a spoiled boy. I can’t help it, I just love him. And so, when bankruptcy strike the Company I worked for, Martin was the one most devastated. We were not prepared for it, and it took a long time for him to recover.

When his Father left the house, Martin stayed with me. We have a lot of arguments, and he loves to argue with me even until now. Sometimes I feel this is his is way of reaching out. I just wish he will read more, the same with Melissa. I learned from a very young age, that I love to read. Their grandfather is a lover of books.

I remembered one time their grandfather has just purchased this farm land not far from the town and there was no available electricity yet. I visited them my father and my mother, I just came in from Manila, and after dinner of a very simple meal of rice and fish, my favorite anyway, my father and I decided to read. And so to save on the candles, we both sat on both sides of a low table with the candle in the middle and we read our way towards midnight. I wish Martin and Melissa are the same too.

Martin got my singing voice too. At one time, he has an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar. He loves to sing and has a good singing voice. His love for nature comes from me too.

Martin has his father’s face, but the rest is mine. Even his heart. He is a very kind hearted boy.

Today, he is on the last year of BS Philosophy at De La Salle University in Dasmarinas, Cavite. God willing, I suggested that he should get subjects for teaching kids with special needs. He loves to do this thing, and more important, this career is high in priority here in the US.

I thank God that I have Martin and I pray that we will be together for a longer time.



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  1. jocelyn bautista

    No amount of dollar can replace this thing that I bequeath you, Mart. I may go, still you have this memory of me in your later life.

    Stay to be good, always fear to do bad things. Strive for the best, and stay focus.

    Thanks be to God for you and Melissa.

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