The Power of Youth

Melissa was eleven years old when I was baptized in the Church of God International. It was a problem then bringing her to Apalit on Thanksgiving Day and for every Prayer Meeting and Worship Service.
I have to dragged her out of her bed at 2 am on Thanksgiving Day. For an eleven year old child, it was very hard at that unholy hour.

I came up with a ploy. Every Thanksgiving Day, back then it was a Sunday, I have to save one hundred pesos for her “baon”. She and the other youngsters in the Locale of Pacita will go around the grounds of Apalit buying anything from morning until the Thanksgiving was done.

She was a member of the KNC. I observed she was having fun. Then she moved on to Teatro Kristiano. As a member of the Teatro Kristiano, it was the start of her serious involvement in the Church.

Four years later, she was baptized at the age of fifteen. To make the long story short, I could not stop her anymore. She did not pursue her College in favor of being a Trainee/Worker in the Church. At first, I was sad. As a mother who wanted to give her a basic education, I was frustrated.

At two and half years old, Lady, as her father fondly call her, for she was born in 1988, the year when Princess Diana was at the peak of her popularity as the late Princess of Wales – then the wife of Prince Charles, was diagnosed of diaphragmatic hernia. (

The disease was diagnosed in 1990 and she was operated immediately. It took the wits out of me. From 110 lbs I dropped down to 90 lbs in a matter of one week. I thought she could not survived the operation. I could not sleep and eat. The doctors told us that she could have a heart attack anytime for the intestines got out of their natural site and went about winding the heart and the lungs. I thought at that time I could die too.

Even the freckles which covered her whole face, I think has something to do with my abnormal pregnancy with her. I had too much water in my belly, when I carried her in my womb. The doctor thought she has some kind of abnormality when she was born, and they had found none, but actually there was, only the diagnosis came out later.

There were symptoms like she did not grow like the normal growth of a baby, and we were always in the hospital for she has always cough and colds. It was during those confinements that the doctor had a thorough examination of her that they found out of the diaphragmatic hernia.

This month, Melissa who turned 22 in February, will give Thanksgiving to the Lord for another year in her life inside the Church. I can see, she is growing to be a gracious lady physically and at the same time, she is growing to be a strong man in spirit inside the Church.

Just recently, she was installed as a regular worker together with the more than two hundred from all over the world.

There are a lot of things she could give Thanksgiving for. First, she was called in the Church of God, and until now she is doing the work assigned to her laced with Faith.

As human and a mother, I have a little twinge feeling in my heart when I heard that a daughter/son of a friend has had some kind of a degree or something and has established a name in their field.

In material things, my Lady has nothing to boast of. A high school graduate, she lives where her assignment/location will bring her. She has a few belongings for it is hard to carry to go to the next assignment /location, that can come sooner than she expected, sometimes.

Yet, my Lady has something that the other ladies of her age outside of the Church do not have. She has the power of God.

Brother Josel Mallari once told us Workers’/Trainees’ of North America, that the highest profession of all is to be the Servant of God. Nothing can top that.

As a Youth inside the Church, she has formed a good foundation. The foundation based on the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Psalm 144:12 (King James Version)

12That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:

As a young member, she can do so many things if she stays in the Faith. Together with the rest of the Youth inside the Church, they are the force behind every activity of  the Church. The Power of Youth.

Thanks be to God for my Melissa.


PS: I also thank the Lord Almighty for the people who molded and took good care of my Lady and still taking care of her; workers’/trainees inside the Church. I left her when she was just 15 years old.

Same goes to the brethren who took good care of her when at one time or the other she was hospitalized for dengue fever.

And to those who have  helped my daughter in one way or the other, I thank God for all of you.

May the good Lord bless you and your families.

To God be to Glory!


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  1. Allen Pajo

    this gave me a tear sister….thanks be to God!!!!!!

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