The Summers of my Life

As a child, summer was always special to me. Not until I was in College that I have to go back to school for it was a requirement.

Summer time was playing time. Getting up late in the morning, and going to bed late in the evening.

In my teenage years, it meant a crush or two, and guitar playing and singing and going to any activities that were available at that time in our place, like a Public Plaza.

When I have Martin and Melissa, summer was going to Baguio City, their father’s hometown or to Negros Occidental, my parent’s home town.

During that time too, it was either with my friends to go to Tagaytay or Batangas for an overnight beach swimming, or to Bohol to see the beauty of the place and to catch your breath the first time you see the  Chocolate Hills.

Not to forget the beauty of Cagayan de Oro and Davao City too.

It was also, the time for house repair. Oh the summers of my life.

While in the Church, I am not anymore aware of  what the season is. Be it snow so deep and wind so strong in the winter, the heat of the sun in the summer time, the coolness of the surroundings in the fall or the beauty of the flowers blooming in the spring, I am in the Locale with my brethren.

For the Church and my brethren are more special to me than all those seasons activities I had in my previous life.

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