One day in the pumpkin farm

One day in September, 2008, we went to  visit a pumpkin farm. This was my first, and I was so excited.

But first, we have to pass by Starbucks to get some coffee.


For a  first timer, I was surprised at the size of the pumpkins and other farm products. Pumpkins are a  family of squash. In their bounty, the pumpkins were  either left to rot and dry, or sometimes carved into a lantern or something. In the Philippines, we need this bounty to feed the people. More so, these pumpkin farms are very near the city, in fact some are just around the city.

After the picture taking around the farm, we went to the pumpkin patch.  We have to pay $3/person  for the hay ride to the path which was 10 minutes away.

After the walking and the sightseeing, I felt  I wanted to sleep.

And the last but not the least, the scare crow.

On the way home  I said a little prayer. ” Thanks be to God for giving me this opportunity to experience, maybe too casual for some, but to someone who is from a  foreign land and had only seen this in the books and magazines or television this is something to cherish.”


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