Spending the afternoon with the family I live with

Miss Pris took this picture of me in front of the house of Mr. John today.  He is Mr. Bob’s twin brother.  On the first few nights  I came to America four years ago,  it was in this house that the welcome party was held.  It was kind of a welcome party for the family who had lived  in South Korea for two years. Mr. Bob and the  whole family had lived in South Korea for two years and it was a welcome treat for them.

In front of Mr. John’s house is a white cherry blossom tree and it was inviting to take some pictures of the tree.

And of course, the picture taking will not be complete with out me.

Years ago, picture taking was  really a task. Preserving them was  another. Now a days, one click and in whatever stage of life you are in, is snapped for posterity. Other than that, preserving it in blog sites like this is very safe for the next generations to view. Thanks to technology. And most of all, thanks be to God.


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