Song review for Isang araw lang

Here is a song written by a man who wanted to change the  world full of wickedness and deceit.

The lyrics written in Tagalog, has an impact on the society that turns  its back on the true essence of living: to give yourself and what you have in the service of the needy.

I can see the writer in the midst of this turmoil, with sadness in his heart.   He knows his limitations, so he will do it, measured in  just one day,  (Isang Araw Lang).

And so he continuously do good daily, armed with the hope that is in his heart.

He extends his invitations to the willing, for he knows that the best antidote to wickedness is goodness.

He is aware that there is wisdom behind the turning of the clock, why the sun is giving its light in the morning and the night time, dusk.

For it is written:

Psalms 104:19 –

“He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down.”

The writer knows that one turning of the earth around the sun and the moon is equivalent to one day.

JUST ONE DAY – which  also means the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega.

For it is written:

Revelations 1:8:

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending saith the Lord, which was and which is to come, the Almighty.

And in JUST ONE DAY,  who  is Christ himself, in  a wink of an eye, goodness will overcome evil.

This is his forte, to help out to the needy. The Isang Araw Lang Project was primarily conceived  to finance his charity works.

A song is just a song, but in reality the writer’s struggle to reach out to the needy is strong. He will need the help of Someone from above to achieve his dream.

This is his song. This is his dream. This is his life.

Daniel Razon,  a spiritually minded person, wrote the lyrics of this song.

He sang it too.

May the good Lord bess you and keep you, and your family.


Sa isang kisap mata

Marami ang nagaganap sa ating mundo

Gawa ng masama ng bunga ng gulo

Sa pag ikot ng panahon

Maraming sugat ang dinulot ng poot

Maga suliranin ay hindi nagagamot

Tayo rin ang may lalang

Ngunit kaya lang gawin

Patulin ang takbo

Ang pag-asa ibinigay sa atin

Ay pang hawakan mo

At wag mong ibigay kailanman

Tayo na mag sama sama

Kumilos ang  bawat isa

Mabuting pag gawa

Ipandaig sa masama

At ang lahat ay mag sisimula

Sa isang araw lang

Sa pag ikot ng orasan

Isipin mong dakila ang dahilan

Bakit pagpatuloy sa pagikot itong mundo

May dakilang dahilan

Kaya kayang gagawin

Baguhin ang takbo

Ang pag-asang  ibinigay sa atin

Ay  panghawakan mo

At wag na bibtiwan kailanman


Tayo na mag sama -sama

Kumilos ang bawat isa

mabuting pag gawa

Ipandaig sa masama

At ang lahat ay mag sisimula

Sa isang araw lang

Mabuting pag gawa

Ipandaig sa masama

At ang lahat ay mag sisimula

Sa isang araw lang

At ang lahat ay nag sisimula

Sa isang araw lang.

We are, The Members – Church of God International with Brother Eliseo Soriano as the Presiding Minister and Brother Daniel Razon as the Vice Presiding Minister.

Here are some of our web sites:;;;;;;www.whoisbroeli.com




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